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I've never used a forum with this software, so I'll make note of quirks and neat things as I come across them.

  • Seems like avatars get resized weird if they're .GIFs. So use PNG if you want transparency.
  • I have no idea where images go if you attach them :3
  • I can add whatever fields we want to profiles (like how there're Mastodon, Itch, Homepage, Twitter--), so feel free to make requests!
  • Sorry about the registration page asking you for a reason. i can't turn that off >:|
  • Posts can use markdown, and supposedely BBCode and HTML and other things.
  • There's syntax highlighting if you post code bits!
  • Gotta get some custom emoticons in here~
  • If you wanna post something like a Youtube video, but just want it to be a link instead of an embedded video you can wrap the link in angle brackets < >
  • SO I haven't set up a mobile theme yet, but if you're viewing the forum on your phone there's a link down the bottom that says something like 'view full site', and that will load the desktop version. And the so-called desktop version actually mostly accomodates phones :) I guess this also means I won't really have to do much aside from just copy the theme to the mobile directory :)
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