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Thread for posting images, videos, etc. of stuff that gets your precious gooey creativity juice flowing.

Of course feel free to start threads about things, I'm just gunna be dumping stuff I maybe don't have much to say about.

This is a screenshot I took from the film Ubu Roi by Jean-Christophe Averty. I think about the flatness of the space and the collageyness of this sometimes when I thing about game ideas. Merry Cake-flavoured Chisrmas and OBSHAGCE owe a bunch to this kinda thing. Also reminds me of early computer RPGs like Ultima, these big abstract patches and little bits of movement. The costums are really great too (dunno how close they are to any versions of the play, but they seems very theatrical). Simple shapes and colours and patterns. Like little RPG people. Kinda look like characters from a Mason Lindroth game? I've always liked triangle heads.

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