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So I'm not sure what to expect posting something like this. But I would really appreciate any and all thoughts on this game I made. I won't say anything about it. Just want to know what your experience was like playing.

Much thanks.


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    I can't load the WebGL file, but I'm 100% sure the problem's on my end and my maze of blockers. i'll give it a proper go in a couple of days! Oh, whoops, didn't do a proper refresh.

    (thanks for going first! :* <3 )

    This is fun. I figured out the actions soon enough, and was enjoying just experimenting button combinations and timing and posistion and seeing what the annoucer would say.

    There's something interesting about this kind of challenge I think. The simple AI just going back and forth. Very much feels like a simple game I might have made up for myself when I was a kid. Kinda like playing solitaire, or... do you know that Simpsons episode where the Principal guy gets trapped and plays some game with a basketball to occupy himself? It's different to playing say an arcade-style game which might be as simple, but the challenge seems to entirely of the game's ruleset with no room for anything else. Here I feel like, even though there's an obvious goal to score more points, I'm not being told I have to and I have the space to play with it how I want and challenge myself.

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    Thank you! Hearing about your experience tells me a lot. Very helpful.

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    I wonder how the game would work if there were charging fouls..........

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