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This game keeps barging back into my brain;

I only found out about it recently, I think on the Retro Game Audio podcast. Whereever it was they just talked about the titlescreen music + voice, and that's why I keep loading that video above.

But there're lots of other cool things about this game.

  • Boomerang. I always like boomerangs in games. Dunno if it's part silly patriatism, but I think it's mechanical? I like that you usually only have one 'bullet', and that you can manipulate it's return flight by moving; so there's a fun bit of skill there.
  • That skeleton has really cool animation.
  • The music is this kinda upbeat, kinda melancholic, endless thing. Suits this game where sometimes it seems like you're trapped in a level jsut trying to figure out how it works.
  • Which kinda fits in with that gong sound between worlds. It feel ritualistic.
  • It's really bodily. From the general idea of the enemies being demons infused in robots, to all the stage graphics. All bones, and brains, and vicera, and those bright colours you fidn in organs and fats. The really clean grey stone and metal in later lavels is a cool contrast to this too.
  • Really like the stages that are on a diagonal plane like a brawler. Perfect NES clumsiness.

It's always hard to find videos of interesting console games that aren't just some guying making easy jokes and poking fun : (

Aside: The intro to this guy's videos is kinda charming


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    Hmmm. I think the titlescreen announcer should say 'ROBODEMONS' three times. This is how I'd improve this game. Three gongs, three robodemons.

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