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Introductions thread!

Post a little something about yourself :smiley:

Hi! I'm Rylie and I like making things and smelling things. I work for Blueberry Soft as a cleaner, but am hoping to work my way up to GAME BUSTER one day soon.

I like Glorious trainwrecks, films, cats, dogs, trees and Animal Crossing.

i hope you like the forum :cold_sweat:


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    Hello!! I'm mno, I like making games, music, writing, and whatever else I feel like doing at the moment. Mostly I put everything else into the games part tho. I work for nobody but myself, which doesn't pay the bills unfortunately. I hope to have a job that doesn't stop me from making art.

    I like board games, music, talking about video games, dogs, and Doom (1993).

    I look forward to chatting here!!

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    I'm Jeremy and I don't make games much these days but I still care about games a lot! I record a podcast where I interview people who were involved in making games outside of the games industry and I'm very interested in the history of shareware and freeware and just generally less-polished-more-interesting games. I want that stuff to be much more visible and valued than it is!

    The past few years I've been mostly working on game-adjacent projects like engines and programming languages and tools that are waaaayyy too ambitious and don't quite manage to get into an interestingly usable state before I give up on them. But that's what I'm driven to do, so I keep at it! I'm really hopeful that these efforts will bear interesting fruit someday.

    Also I started Glorious Trainwrecks and I guess that's an accomplishment that I get to be proud of forever.

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    I'm Phil and I like to make games and tshirts. I'm always evolving what kinds of games I think are interesting to make, but mostly I want to make entirely new kinds of games. I'm very bored by the general lack of creativity in the games ind, and I'd like to be a part of making weird games that are also played by more than 10 people. How to do that is still a work in progress.

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    @Phil T-SHIRTS. Do you sell them online?

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    hii everyone my name is karen, i like theory of all kinds, and music, and games, and especially games that are different to other games.
    at the moment i am trying with limited success to regularly write about games i like over here
    i like this song i heard today

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