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Ball 2 for PalmOS

So as soon as I saw the title of Phil's BALL 2 thread I was instantly transported back in time to the early 2000s, going through literally everything on, and discovering a surprisingly interesting little platformer for PalmOS called Ball 2.

Ball 2, as I recall, has you control a constantly-bouncing ball, left and right, with two of the Palm's hardware buttons, around single-screen levels where you have to collect all the diamonds or something. It's basically an endless-jumper platformer, instead of the now-ubiquitous endless-runner. Unusually for little free Palm games, it grabbed me enough that I played through it all.

I also stumbled on the author's other games, which, if you check out their website in the Wayback machine, you'll see there were quite a lot. These games were all tiny -- Ball 2 is 50kb -- and there were dozens of them, which meant that you could have a lot of them installed without worrying about running out of space. (The Palm III had 2mb of storage, so anything over a couple hundred kilobytes really had to justify its worth.)

Poking around these pages, I also remember being really enamoured with Igzo the Dolphin, a fairly frustrating one-button game where you had to hold down the button for just the right amount of time to jump out of the water at the right height to cleanly hop through hoops.

I wonder if I could get the author onto the Fringe Game History Podcast....


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    @SpindleyQ said:
    I wonder if I could get the author onto the Fringe Game History Podcast....

    Oh gosh yes please. I would love to learn more about Palm Pilot game stuff. PDAs have become really appealing to me since getting a smart phone last year. I don't know anything about games or making game sfor them.

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