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Thought I'd make a thread for my little HTML+CSS game framework thing.

It's on Github if you want to try it out, but maybe wait a couple of days ;3

Also thought a thread might make it easier to collect resources. 'Cause I'm very keen to have a bunch of assets included in the project, so if you're into drawing some little things or making some sounds that you're okay with being public domain feel free to add them via Github or post them in here. Maybe I'll do a GT event or something for it at some point?

Currently included pics are here:

It's using the Unlicence, but sometimes I'm tempted to change to AGPL maybe?

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    Been spending some time converting the table-based design to something that's much easier to read, and that should also work better with screenreaders, using CSS grids. Will probably have that done tomorrow :)

    Really enjoying learning about using grid and flex!

    As much as I kinda enjoy using tables just 'cause it's considered bad design, it's also bad practice ccording my own personal website making beliefs :( Hard to read, bad semantically, and bad for accessibility :(

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    But yes, all converted to the new layout!

    If anyone wants to submit graphics or sounds feel free to do so via Github or in this thread. Also please say how you'd like to be credited, as I'll keep a list in the project.

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    It's got de-prioritised a bit, but I'm working on making a WYSIWYG GUI thing for editing boards.

    Started using python--and may go back to it--but I've been messing with freepascal, so have been seeing how I go doing it in that. Not much to show for it though, just have the layout, but clickign things doesn't do anything.

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    The repo.'s moved (with all my other stuff) to So I've updated the intro. post.

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