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Aggregate RSS feed for sites that write on new (?) games.

I wrote this the other day, and have been looking into easy ways to do aggregate RSS feeds now Yahoo Pipes is long gone:

Hmmm. Makes me think another good project would be an [aggregate] RSS feed of interesting game blogs.

Like I'm just trying to think of someone just getting started doing stuff with games, and wondering where to find people, where to find other games.

Thinking an curated RSS feed that combines things like Warpdoor and Sergio's site, plus people that write thing on games too (hi @karen ;3). Or at least make a good list of things.

Does anyone have any good site suggestions?

Quick, off-the-top-of-my-head list:

Maybe a list of sites is useful enough, so people can just subscribe to whatever they want.

Maybe include some things that talk about older games that are interesting, like


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